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Owens top of hill horses.

We charge 50$ per person per hr. With advanced appt scheduled only. WORK IN appt are more per hr. Did u want to schedule? If so, TO.BOOK IT will need name. Age. height. weight n experience for each rider. Wear pants n closed shoes if possible. We have no weight or age restrictions. Small children ride behind parent on saddle. STILL 50$ each. anyone under 18 has to wear helmet. i will need to know where u coming from to send u directions. Texting is best due to bad reception. We are by Shelbyville Illinois. Ty


Riding Lesson are 55 a hr for individuals person, alone.



This includes being caught, tied twice a day to feed, and horses are looked over.

They are able to get feed they need.(which only included 2 cans of corn n hay)

Special feed  and supplements are extra charger/ or you can supply.

375 out side

If in stall the go out in turnout arena, so they get handled twice a day, there stall and water gets cleaned twice a day. They also get better hay in stall.

575 inside stall / 300 goes for sawdust, stall cleaning n moving, and better hay quality.
Outside Lot goes out to pasture when grass is available, they get grass round bale to eat otherwise..

375 out side

Run out attached to barn.
450 lot run out/ 150 goes for stall cleaning and better quality hay.


$300.00 a month on top of board.


$30.00 per lesson individual horse each time

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